Monday, 27 August 2012

Xana said to me once "Oh, I can't imagine how it must be for your father, living with you three (me, my sister and my mum), with all your matching haircuts and squiquy high-pitched voices."
I reasured her that my father didnt have problems with being the only man in the house. Specialy now, that me and Helena moved out. He doesn't even have to buy us tampons anymore and family shopping trips to the mall are much scarcer.

There's only certain moments when I admit we may put him in unconfortable situations. Last weekend was one of those:

When I went on erasmus, I messed up my suitcase right in the first days. The handle just broke as I was getting off the tram in Debrecen.
It was the first time I was taking a tram, and it was a very confusing trip right from the start. I was by myself, carrying a huge suitcase, afraid of missing the stop and didn't really know how to work with the puching machine.
Trying to hold my bag, not falling on my face and puching my ticket at the same time- I was getting the attention of everybody else in the tram.

Luckily, this extremelly tall american girl came to my help me. In her words: "You looked as confused as me the first time I had to ride one of this." We were both going to the language course.
She was really nice.

So, as I was getting out, the handle broke. I couldn't fix it there, but when I came back to Portugal I didn't do anything about it either.
Because I'm lazy.


With the recent plans of moving to Vilnius, and having to use the suitcase again, the whole thing had to be rushed! I asked my dad to take it to the shop for repair, in Porto.
A few minutes after he left it there, they called saying the suitcase had some things in it.

Turns out I wasn't just lazy about fixing it, I was lazy unpacking, too
So my father went back to the store and, besides a buch of papers and a raincoat, they handed him this:

a pink bra
(with a dancing zebra on it, because when it comes to underwear I have the taste of a 12-years-old)

 a box of waxing strips

sanitary towels and makeup cleansers   
(I didn't really to know how to draw a makeup cleansers package, it looks weeeird.)

GAAAAAAAAAAH!!! HAHAH I'm so glad I wasn't there and he had to be embarrassed on my behalf!

*that's what parents are for*

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