Saturday, 29 September 2012


Yesterday was a sad day for me.

I went to the doctor to make an x-ray to my knee. The nurse took so many x-ray shots that I was feeling like a model, but an undead one. I performed the "folded legs lying on the mattress, facing up pose", "left leg extended, turned to the left side, lying on the mattress pose", "left leg extended, turned to the right side, lying on the mattress pose" and "standing with the knees together pose".

When, finally, the session ended, I went to the doctor's office. "Oh, so those sexy positions x-rays downstairs were yours!" — he said. But instead of contracting me for the agency he diagnosed me with a tendinitis.

This means that I can't make much efforts in the near future for an unknown period and, as I really like to run, this will be tough for me. I'm trying to think of the advantages of my condition. Today I made something I didn't do since probably my second year of art school which is observation drawing! I started with a big moth on my balcony wall and then moved to my living room which probably looks messier on the drawing than in reality.


  1. sad tendinitis is sad :( but nice moth!

  2. Thank you for your support, Sofia! : )
    (I also like the fact that we comment in english, pretending that we have a big international audience that will not only read the posts but also find them interesting enough to come and read the comments).