Friday, 21 September 2012


Hey João!
I know you've been a little down lately, because of all the work. And I'm basicly taking over this blog with all my silly drawings and noisy nonsense. But today I have something special to cheer you up:

It's the perfect music video!
Probably you've seen it before, because I know you like Robyn, but I ran into it last night and think it's the best thing ever!!!
(also, if you've seen before, how could you keep this from me?)

 I even made a list of reasons why I think it's awesome:

1 - weird costumes. - SHE DRESSES AS A BEE!! AND SUSHI! AND A PING PONG BALL! I'm literally taking notes for the next halloween/carnival party.

2 - karaoke. - in fact, pink karaoke, with a little birdie.

3- the lyrics, - "One left one right that's how I organize them."

4 - people disguised in the scenery. - Look at the face of the guy dressed as a cloud at minute 1:14. ahahah!

5- a dancing monkey

and that's it.
I hope it makes your day.
I'm leaving now for the voluntaries meeting in Lisbon, and anticipating two really boring train journeys.
Maybe I'll just sing this on the way. out loud. repeatly. for 3 hours.

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