Saturday, 8 December 2012

Naprons Square

I'd like to start this post with the story of how I wanted to take a scottish kilt to school on my third year of faculty. Back in the day I was finding a lot of street style pictures online of men that could really pull them off — men that you could still take seriously, they didn't seem to be wearing a skirt, they were just cool and masculine.

My girl friends and I didn't share the same opinion. They though they wouldn't take me seriously and probably they were right, nobody takes me seriously anyway, a skirt would just contribute to it. BUT, I still wanted to try. Either it could be just another fail in my miserable life, or I could turn out to be supercool and named The Guy of the Kilt.

So everybody was like 'oh no you won't do it' and 'but, WITH or WITHOUT underwear?' so I just made a deal: if my friend Sara sewed me a quilt, I'd wear it at school. The sad part of the story is that she never did it and now I just finished school, so sorry if I made you loose your time hopping to ear something exciting as my most embarrassing day ever — it never happened.

The reason why I'm telling you about this story is because something surprising and unexpected happened on my last birthday while me and Jakob were crossing the Naprons Square in Porto. Naprons Square is not the original name of this square located behind the city hall, it was named like this by me and my friend Mariana because the stone patterns on the floor reminds us of extra size table center naprons knitted by old ladies.

No lie here, as we were crossing the square we saw a group of about fifteen guys dressing kilts and singing in choir next to the fountain. Not only it was my birthday and a super cool surprise, it also made me wonder about who those guys were. Was there something like a Scottish Male Club in Porto? Were they making a bet to someone? Were they trying to impress girls? Did they come out from the William Lawson's add? I'll probably never now, but one thing is right, weird, embarrassing and fascinating things happen at Naprons Square and this one is the top one of the list.

Things that happened at Naprons Square:
— I saw a group of fifteen guys dressing kilts, singing in choir.
— Elsa lost a gold ring and made everybody search for it with mobile phone lights. I found it.
— Paulo trew up in Halloween after drinking too much Porto Wine.
— Telmo interpreted Manolo.
— I danced folk with Mariana.
— I peed on the wall of the city hall and wet my shoes.


  1. i find it cool how all the mentions about telmo in this blog is about silly humiliating stuff.

    the last memory i have from Naprons Square is talking with two japanese people in the middle of the night who were looking for gare club. they spent more time thanking me for the information than the time i took to explain them the way. seems like it's a magical square.

  2. Naprons Square, a Non-Place, Telmo in Lost in Translation.

  3. I love the fact we all are so cool and reply in english.
    I don't love the fact nothing happened to me at naprons square besides waiting for the traffic lights to turn green :(
    but if you find them again and you still wonder if they belong to william lawson's ad, please call me.