Friday, 4 January 2013


It's a new year!

I'm so glad 2012 is over!!
A year ago I was watching the fireworks in Aliados and crying like a baby. Not that I was moved by the beautiful lightshow, but because I KNEW this was going to be hard year.

and it was.
But now I'm doing a little crazy dancing for having survived and welcoming the new year with that productive rush that makes you want to clean all your room and make lists of all the things you want to do.

a few weeks ago I started noticing that all supermakets had this new small shop at the entrance, selling fireworks.
I thought to myself "People here aren't even alowed to drink outside. Are they really going to permit shooting fireworks in the streets?"

Turns out they do.
Unlike Porto, Vilnius doesn't seem to have an official fireshow provided by the municipality. Instead, they have aglomerates of slightly drunk people lighting up fireworks all over the city.
it's so awesome!

Partly because we were so close to the fire and could see things bursting all around the city, and partly because there was a real life danger to it which made it more exciting.
Truth is: I like to see things burning up! Any party/celebration/holiday that includes fire or exploding stuff, I'm in. Probably watching it from a distance, rubbing my hands and smiling like the little pyromaniac creep I am.

After the fireworks we went to an undergournd squat and danced amongst very drunk punks.

and that was fun, too.

While dancing I decided on my new years resolutions. Here they are:

1- drink less

2- don't quit the gym

3- be more patient with myself

4- stop being so lazy about shaving my legs

What about you people?
Did you do something special for New Year's? Want to share with me (and the world) your resolutions?

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  1. in berlin was quite the same. i went to the center of gorlitzer park and there was nice colors everywhere — somewhat became an emotionally intense moment.

    then i was drunk enough to decide to go to the best club (and most popular) and face an 1h30 queue with no entrance guarantee. totally worth it

    my resolutions are exactly the same as yours, joana.