Tuesday, 16 July 2013

funny fact about the baltics:
During summer, there's barely any night.

The sun has been rising around 4 am and since my room only has thin yellow blinds I would always wake up in the wee hours of the morning, feeling really confused.

For a while I mastered the technique of just-grab-something-and-put-it-over-your-face.
The pillow, a book, jacket sleeve, a hat, my own arm...

but all of this was either unconfortable, hard to breathe, or fell from my face easily (the socks).

so I finally bought a mask.

But sometimes I lose it during the night and, when I wake up at 5 with the yellow light beaming on my face, instead of having the discernment to get up and look for it, I go back to the old habit of sleepily grabbing something around me and putting it over my eyes.

This happened again last night and, as I reached for the sock drawer.. genius idea!:

What if I wear panties on my head?

and so I did.


This is probably going to be my last post until I go back. Baltic Pride starts on the 23rd and everyone is kind of nervous, busy and tired. And in the free time I have important things to do at home, like figuring out how to pack 3 winter coats.

BUT, to celebrate the Pride and all things colourful and glittery I'm sharing with you, dear readers, the link for a mixtape I made for Kathi, on her birthday, with the promise it was the gayest playlist I could come up with.

Have fun, enjoy the summer and dance around!

See you in August!

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