Wednesday, 1 January 2014

First Day

Though I've never been very keen on New Year's celebrations, I've always made some sort of resolutions, that I would conveniently forget about, during the course of a month.
Last year I wrote them here and now, for the first time, they are coming back to haunt me.

So, one-year-ago-Joana wanted to drink less, stop being lazy about shaving her legs, keep up with the gym and be more patient with herself. Like a lazy and socially inconvenient bear, I was having troubles keeping my skin smooth, my drunk behaviour in control, and was far from being fit.

but I've grown so much since then, you guys!
I've done so many fulfilling things this year.  

Like that time we went to a lake in Moletai. But didn't swim because I didn't expect Moletai would have lakes and hadn't packed a bikini.

or that time I drank kefir for the first time.

or that time my mum and I managed to talk about plastic bags for a whole half an hour, on skype.

or that time I rode a taxi and the driver was drunk and I still payed him because I'm such an idiot and then he asked me for my number and I ran away and lost a glove.

and I've changed so much!

My legs are shaved, at this very moment, and I was alcohol free for most of the year.
In fact, can proudly say that, in 2013, I didn't vomit even once, and always peed in the right places. I'm aware this achievements are kindergarden level, but I'm going to congratule myself even so.
I quit the gym back in February, BUT since my other resolution was to be more patient with myself, I've decided to embrace the fact I'm not the gym-type person and craddle my fat inner child with lots of love and cookies.

Now, about the new year:
2014 is going to be all about emancipation. I'm tired of this sabbatical state I'm in and will finally start looking for something to do that involves putting on clothes and leaving the house most days of the week. Somehow I'm picturing myself in a power suit plunging throught the art scene of Porto...but that's unlikely.

Here are my goals for 2014:

-move out of my parents' house.
-get a job.
-have sex.
-spend less time on facebook.
(I believe the last two are correlated.)

**wish me luck!**


  1. Este vai para o meu bookmark, para não me esquecer das minhas próprias resoluções (e porque, por coincidência, as minhas podem ser bastaaaante parecidas!)