Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Suomi mi mi mi

Guess were I spent my weekend? Yes, Finland!

Helsinki Comics Festival accepted my application, plans were made, tickets bought, and once again I'm carrying  a big suitcase filled with books on my way to the North of Europe.


7 things about my weekend in Helsinki:

1 - Awesome weather!

Who would have thought I'd be sunbathing in an island in September?

2-  More exhibitions than time to spare. 

But luckily I managed to go to Tove Janson's centenary exhibit and spend there a great deal of time staring at little Moomin's pictures. I realized I have a weird pleasure on finding out how drawers fix mistakes:

3 - This:

4 - My table at the festival was in the feminist tent at the Small Press Heaven.

I've never been in many comics festivals so I can't really compare, but Helsinki's stroke me as a really diverse space, for all kinds of readers and with a great deal of good books, publishers and artists.

It was big enough to welcome all that variety but small enough to make me feel comfortable about being there.

Unfortunately, I was always very clueless to what was going on most of the time.

Not sure if it was my fault or the organizer's. Probably a bit of both.

5- Sold all my books.

6- Was compared to Kate Beaton. Twice. 

7- What It Is, by Linda Barry
The city was really expensive and I knew if i was going there I couldn't spend money on anything but food and transports. But made an exception to buy this book, which is my new favourite thing in the world and here's a picture of me hugging it:

*Hug your books*

*and they'll hug you back*

*no they wont*

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