Sunday, 30 November 2014

A lot happened in November.

First of all, I lost my job.
I didn't have a contract so technically they could just ditch me any time, with no explanations. Aaaand that's pretty much what happened.

No reason, no warning, no conversation. 

It was like being dumped with a message, but without the message.

This thaught me the valuable lesson that, in this economy, all employers suck and will treat like you are disposable. All of them. Even the ones that used to be nice and make small talk and offer you a beer.
Even those.

Clearly, I still have a lot of anger inside and, according to my friends, have spent the last month emotionally exploding at the oddest occasions:

Got infuriated about some new sexist lottery campaign and almost cried in the streets,


screamed at other people's facebook status,

and discovered the concept of passive-agressive cleaning.

A few days ago I went back to pick up my things from the hostel. Kind of like in the movies when the person carries back a little carton box with framed photos and the plant they had sitting on the desk.
Except that all my belongings were a tower of empty tupperwares.

it says a lot about my priorities
And suddenly I'm back to having people ask me about what are my plans now ? (Nobody did that in the last few months because maybe they really thought being a low paid part-time receptionist was my life plan.)

Having to repeatedly explain why I'm not working anymore and how clueless I am about what to do next isn't exactly helping my grim mood. But, luckily, a few nice things came in the way this month to distract me from turning into a grumpy monster:

Started vintage jazz classes.
They do jazz hands. Not ironically.
I'm fairly tall and thin and vintage jazz is the sort of dance that always makes me look like a clumsy grasshopper, even when I'm doing the steps right. 

Which can be both awkward and liberating, depending on the day.

Went to TWO Autumn parties.

"Let's all celebrate the season and roast chestnuts in our tiny and weak student-apartment hovens!"

Gave a talk in my old faculty (while with a fever.)
In my defense, I didn't know I had a fever because it had been 8 years since I had been that sick. I just felt weird and thought it was nervousness. Immediately after the presentation (that went surprisingly well, by the way!) I fell ill and stayed in bed for 2 days watching nothing but crime series. all. day. long.

Started working on a french translation of my book.
The publisher sent me the translated text last week and it's really funny to read my own material in a new language. 

In spite of all that, I'm glad this month is over and I'm very ready for December's present-giving, mulled wine drinking, and blinking lights. This year I'll need a full shower of Christmas spirit. 
or at least this suit:

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