Friday, 2 January 2015

The traditionally late New Year's Post

In case you're wondering about how I spent New Year's Eve (I know you probably aren't) I must admit I didn't celebrate it at all and just sat at home in my pyjamas. This is not a sad thing. I was very glad to be by the fire, alone, with comfy shoes and watching the first film of 2015. I always choose it carefully and this year, instead of a full lenght film, I watched the first episodes of Over the Garden Wall.

In spite of this very uneventful night, 2014 was a really busy year and full of great stuff. Looking back on my last year resolutions, I sort of got all I aimed for last January, to some degree: I did meet someone I cared about dearly, and I did move to Porto, and I did get a job. On the down side, most of this things have had some sad repercussion at some point, so it's not like I'm feeling glorious about any of it.

Nonetheless, I can share with you 5 things that happened this year and were new to me:

1- Good Food
My friends were all possessed by some sort of perfect-housewife's spirit and hosted the best dinner parties ever. We ate winter roasts, grilled chicken in the balcony, chocolate cakes, pies, codfish with cream... I can't even name it all.

Their dinners are seriously reaching a pro-level.

Me, on the other side, am still forgetting to buy napkins for my birthday party. And the toilet paper rolls ruined all the perfectly nice photos.

2- Parents

After a year away in Lithuania, barely seeing my family, and then 9 months living in Penafiel (my hometown) and seeing nothing BUT my parents, this year I'm finally slowly reaching a healthier arrangement of coming home very week. This is improving my sanity considerably.

3- Internet Sociability

This title is so lame. What I meant is, by the end of this year I realized I have at the very least 10 accounts in various websites where people can put a like on things that I publish. This is three times more accounts than I had a year ago.

I'm not really sure if that's good or bad. It just seemed unavoidable. But I started thinking lot about it, and being way more aware of what I publish online. Again, I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I guess time will tell.

4- Dragon-snake
Penafiel has a new public statue. 

I'm not even kidding you. This is real.

Smoke comes out of it twice a day, but I still haven't had the chance to witness that amazing miracle.

5- Boobs

Speaking of amazing miracles, I started taking the birth control pill and my boobs grew.
It was like an unexpected second round of puberty, and it made me very happy.
No one noticed it but me, though. 

To conclude, since I didn't celebrate New Year's Eve I decided not to make any resolutions either. I mean, all the ones from last year backfired anyway so who cares? who caaaares? 2015 will be the year of no expectations, no plans and not giving a fuck. In a way that's sort of a resolution in itself, isn't it?

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