Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Ikea is Hell

I moved, again! It’s the 5th time since I’ve began this blog, and, I think, the 9th in total.
My parents said this was the easiest move so far. I left Mariana’s house and my stuff fit in a total of two carton boxes, three ikea bags and a backpack. 

I am now living in the house my family bought in the city. A friend told me it looks like an apartment that was renovated by an old lady, and I think that's the best description I can give you of the place. The house manages to be both new and antiquated.
And not in a hip-vintage way. 
But I like it. It looks like the places I rented before. Only newer. and the chairs aren't plastic, and the windows don't shake when a bus drives by, and there aren't seaguls fighting with cats outside my bedroom window.

Still it was strange to move here. I spent seven years and nine houses perfecting the art of keeping it to the minimum. I didn't need all my books, I didn't need all my clothes. I rarely ever bought decorations. 
I accommodated to my restrictions of space, and to the restrictions of not knowing where I would be in a few months: I had small wardrobes and short term plans.

But now, there’s more space than things and my whole “take only what you need” philosophy is worthless! My parents brought me another shelf today because “it’s going to be useful, you’ll see” and swear to god I’ve been going around the house trying to find things to put on it and I have nothing. It’s just sitting there half empty:

I'm also expected to have opinions on curtains, rug colours and positioning of a dinner table. and I have no idea. I have honestly no opinion formed on where a dinner table should go. Anywhere is fine. As long as I can sit and have dinner on it.  
But whenever I express that to my mother she looks at me with disappointment, because I'm not rejoicing on the privilege of being able to pick a place where my dinner table will be located. 
BUT I DO!! I'm happy to be able to decide how and where I want my dinner table, it's just that that doesn't make me any more qualified to actually pick a place for it!
 I never in my life entered a room and felt a certain table was out of place! NEVER! ANYWHERE IS GOOD!

Anyway, we survived five Ikea trips, we'll make it through this.

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  1. Para a próxima visita ao IKEA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T2oje4cYxw