Wednesday, 29 July 2015

I started coughing a month ago.

And haven't stopped since.
At this point I've went to see two doctors, took 5 different drugs, and 2 brands of cough drops. And nothing stopped it. 

I'm kind of getting used to it, and now it's mostly just annoying everyone else around me.

Aside from that, I'm afraid I don't have many news, dear readers of this blog.
The only pause from immense boredom was São João (If you don't know it look it up) and I had an amazing night!! You guys, I arrived home at 8!! In the mooooorning! I saw the sun rise while dancing in the streets! Literally! 

Maybe this is not so amazing for the average person, but I very rarely stay up all night partying.
I've spent more nights drawing all alone in my parents living room than in clubs, drinking and attempting to dance by moving my body weight from one leg to the other.
It's not that I'm a boring workaholic (well, maybe a little), but I don't usually have a lot of fun while going out. I just get tired and hungry and cranky. 

Like a baby in a wedding.

Let me explain to you how a night out usually plays out in my life:

The Night Out,
a three part drama

part 1 - Leaving the house

I carefully plan what I'm going to wear. I'll have to walk home alone and my street has a lot of prostitutes. I hate when cars stop for me, so I usually take a backpack, because hookers don't wear backpacks. Also, that way I can bring some food and toilet paper. Going out is like camping and if I'm being extra prepared I may even take water and an extra pair of tights.

part 2 -  We go for a drink

The group is made out of 3 different sorts of people.
  • Those who are satisfied wherever they are, even if we are just standing in the street, in the rain, sipping beer under our umbrellas.
  • Those who are never satisfied and deeply believe there's one magical super-fun place waiting to be found.
  • And those who are always in need of a toilet.
Eventually we end up in one of these places:

The Bohemian Chic
A place with second-hand furniture and overpriced drinks, where the music is too loud to talk but no one is dancing. 

The Hipster Mob
A small club, very crowded because there is some famous dj that night, but to me it sounds exactly like all the other djs in the world. There's usually someone smoking next to me and the smoke is flying directly to my face but I can't move away.

The Side Street
We just stand drinking outside because we couldn't agree on a place to go.

Part 3 - My night ends when everyone else's starts

By then it's 4 am and I'm officially a zombie. I'Il leave the bar and find a queue of people waiting to get in. They are getting in! It's 4 am and they are going to a place!! Not coming from it!! Don't you people have jobs? or school?! I HAVE NEITHER AND I'M TIRED, HOW CAN YOU DO IT?

The thought that anyone would choose to be somewhere other than in bed troubles me. I start to feel depressed thinking I'll never fit in the nightlife and am missing out some sort of parallel universe of fun. I'm also very hungry.  

I start to wonder if anyone else in the bar was hungry.
How can people stay there for so long with no food?

Finally, I eat a banana I had in my backpack and walk home.

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