Saturday, 18 August 2012

it all leads to lithuania - part 2

After that awakening trip from the grocery store, I decided to apply for an European Volunteer Project.
I felt I needed a change of scenery. To regain that excitement of moving to a completly new place! The journey! The thrill of the adventure! The wind in my hair!

Most projects I saw were in biological farms or doing activities with children and teenagers. Althought they seem like cool experiences, I wasn’t sure if I would be the right person to do those things.

So when I read about a project run by the Lithuanian Gay League,  I was really excited! It was perfect! It was in Vilnius. I would be living in a capital! In the Baltics! And doing stuff that isn’t that different from what I’ve been studying to do. And I could do projects! Artistic Projects!

So I sent them my cv and a joly good letter of motivation, and waited.

Next day, they called me on my phone, for an interview. They asked me about myself, my ideas and expectations, and told me more about the project and about the activities they did.
There was a point in the interview she mencioned Bowling Nights.

It honestly took all my self-control to keep me from screaming:


I told myself: “cool down joana, be smooth… be smooth like a ninja… ” and kept talking like a normal person.

The next day they sent a message saying I was accepted in the programme.
All the smoothness was gone by then, and I did a victory dance,
with the cats staring at me.

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