Saturday, 8 September 2012

the good and the bad

part 1

We went for a mini-holiday at Sofia's place, in Vila Real.
I got there early and while Xana and Mariana didn't arrive, we sat on the sofa watching Eurosport. After a loud tennis match between Sharopova and Petrova, they broadcasted this race called: Ultra-trail du Mont-Blanc.
I had never heard of trail running, but after a few minutes I was altogether convinced this was the coolest sport ever. It's pretty much the same thing as hikking, but running. And Mont-Blanc is such an incredibly beautiful place, that it must be a thrill to be running with views like this:

The starting line was in a really cute ski resort near the Alps called Chamonix. So french. So adorable. People were in the windows making noise with pots and pans, as the ultra-trail started.
The crow of participans wore really colourful clothes and most of them were amateurs. Everybody seemed really relaxed, enjoying themselfs and stoping their run to talk to the cameras or having a snack sitting down on the mountain. Some of them got to the finish line completly covered in mud but really euphoric. 
After watching the show for a while, we started noticing something about the athletes. We were both thinking about it but Sofia was the first to say it out loud: 
"They are all really good-looking, aren't they?"

And it was true! Almost every runner they interviewed or filmed closely was, in my opinion, hot stuff.
I can't really put a finger in what made them look that way: some were really pretty, others just had this glow and confidence about them, like, a fiery and adventurous energy that made them really handsome!

It's incredible! guys, we found the secret! We cracked the code! This is where attractive people are hiding! They are all running around Mont Blanc in colourful The North Face jackets! 

After a while I was just poiting at the TV like crazy and screaming "gaaaah! I LOVE THIS SPORT! SIGN ME UP FOR THIS!", everytime there was a closeup on someone.

Maybe I should start exercising.

part 2

Later, that night, we went out. Clubbing.
Although colourful lights and dancing in a sea of people are two of my favourite things in the world, I've never been very fond of clubs. Most of the times, I feel the music is repetitive and tedious. Since I can't really sit and talk because it's too loud, and I have no one to make out with, I just get bored very fast.

But this night was different. This was Ladies Night in Vila Real. Which meant we didn't pay entrance, and could get 5 drinks for free. My love for free stuff widely surpasses my hatred for club music, so I was extremely happy to go.
On the way there, Sofia told us that, a few years ago, Ladies Night offered 10 drinks to women and 5 beers for men.

The whole Ladies Night thing is really weird, when you seriously think about it. As I walked to the bar I felt tempted to just say something like "I have a vagina, pour me a drink.", while waving the pink drinking card they gave me at the entrance.

But anyway, with free beverages in our hands, we started dancing to some disco version of a brasilian funk, and I began noticing people around us.
everybody was kind of lame.

Man wore chockingly deep V cuts, hair gel, and silver necklaces. Some weren't that young and stood by themselfs with a drink in their hand looking around - which is something that freaks me out slightly.
A lot of the women looked sort of cheap, wearing way too much make-up and probably the same super-push-up bras I had seen in Women's Secret, that same day, and made me very puzzled:

As an overall description, just picture being in a place with a lot of smoke, low ceilings, blinking lights and the entire cast of Jersey Shore around you. 

Xana seemed happy about it, though: "This is like going to a gay bar! I don't feel atracted to anyone!"

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