Thursday, 24 January 2013

We don't have a lot of readers.

So when one of them proposes a theme for a post, I take it under consideration.
Sofia suggested that I should write about lists, and here it goes:

This week Moritz came to visit me. Before he arrived, I was freaking out about all the stuff I had to do: emails to answer, illustrations to finish, texts to translate... aaaah!
Last saturday I curled underneath the bed covers in panic...

and wrote a long list of tasks, arranging them by colour ("-draw valentine cards for 14th of february action" was written in pink, but "-buy lentils" was green)  and with little arrows pointing at the most urgent ones("- buy snow boots", "- wash underwear")

I was also worried that Moritz would find nothing to do here, and he would think Vilnius is boring, and hate Lithuania forever.

So I made him a list. And this is kind of a transcription of it:


- go to the National Gallery
- KGB Museum - ok, it's not fun. at all. it's sad. but people seem to like it.
- sit reading comics in Mint Vineto.
- have a beer in Bambalyne.
-visit the CAC and its library
- borrow a bike and have a hardcore riding marathon in the snow
- go to the little castle on the hill.
- bring your tupperware food and have lunch with me in the gay league. (we have a microwave.)
- small galleries:
        malonojai 6
        there's probably more I dont know.
- steal me a book from coffee inn.  (it's not really stealing, I'll take it back after reading.)
- use my transport card to go as far from the city center as possible.
 - go to each and every church and rate them in a scale 1 to 5.
- walk along the river, Marta says it's very pretty.
- go to the Rasos cemetery and leave a candle to the heart of Marshall Josef Pilduski.
- read the constitution of Uzupis.
- send some postcards to your mum.
- walk Literatu gatvé and choose you're favourite piece. draw or take a picture of it.
- search for the statue of Frank Zappa
- buy a stupid hat/ pair of glasses from Tiger and use them for the rest of the day. (I'm planning to do this myself and it's better if i dont do it alone.)
- find a music shop.
- spend a morning in Trakai. (but don't visit the museum in the castle. it's not worth it)
- learn some lithuanian and try to chat with a local.


  1. i find the lack of Telmo mentioning disturbing.

  2. I would like to add the Alien landing spot between the hills! (aaaa, and now my undercover has been revealed ;)