Friday, 8 February 2013

I got a winter jacket. One of those water-wind-cold-everything proof. --> I think it looks like this.

Which is great, since it keeps me warm in the -16º outside, but I'm pretty sure this is the most unflattering piece of garment I've ever owned.

But I wasn't happy just with the lumpy winter coat. I went and bought snow boots that match it completly, both in terms of cozyness and uncoolness.
Now it feels like I'm wearing a sleeping bag from head to toe.
Unfortunately, it also LOOKS like I'm wearing a sleeping bag from head to toe.
You know how people have guilty pleasures, like eating chocolate, reading slash fanfiction or secretly listening to One Direction?
I have a thing for confortable clothes.
If I could have my way, I would dress like this all the time:

To be honest, I think it's not even a question of confortable clothes.. Because my clothes ARE confortable. It's more like a not-feeling-like-getting-dressed-i-want-to-keep-my-pyjama-for-the-rest-of-the-day thing. (i think i just broke a hyphen record)

Sometimes I lay in bed thinking about ways I could tie the bed covers to my body and wear them outside.
Everytime I go to Primarck, I stare at those one piece polar fleece pyjamas with wonder, until Sofia drags me away by the arm.

and I know she's right.
My need for confortable attire has, to certain point, to be restrained, because I kickly slip into scary degree of lazyness.

So.. yesterday, as I walked out of Deichmann rejoicing on the confyness of my new boots, I looked at myself in reflection of the windowshop (very cinematic, i know) and thought:
shit, I'm sinking in the spiral of pratical clothes again! Soon I'll be going to work with my pyjama..This must be stoped!
And then decided to run to Maxima and restore some of my futility by buying a nice lipstick.
I may still look like a Michelin man for the next few months. But at least I'll have sexy red lips to counterbalance.

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  1. há alguma coisa nas imagens que escolhes que representam todos os desejos mais profundos da humanidade