Saturday, 9 February 2013

This post is mostly images because I'm too lazy to write.

Yesterday I stayed home and watched Spice World.
It's not an adult channel, or an indian cuisine tv show. Yes... it's the Spice Girl's film.

I finished watching it feeling like owning very pair of shoes Geri wears and was completly imersed in the film's let's-make-friendship-bracelets vibe. So, I decided to give you, in my opinion, the highlights of this masterpiece:

 1- Roger Moore, as Spice Girl's boss, talks only in riddles, while petting a white animal.

2 - Spice Girls playing chess.

3 - Hugh Laurie as Poirot (yes, this is as random as it sounds.)

 4 - There's a part where the Spice Girls complain they are tired of being stereotyped and decide to dress diferently for a photoshoot.
"Can't I be Sporty-but-actually-interested-in-other-stuff Spice?" says Melanie C before dressing up as John Travolta in Grease.

she never fooled me.

5 - Bob Geldof with a Crazy Spice hairstyle.

6 - All the wardrobe of their manager.

7 - And, finaly, the scene where aliens come down to Earth merely to ask for the Spice Girls autograph.

As you can see, it was totaly worth it.

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