Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Let me take you to a gay bar, gay bar. or not. it's fine. we can just go to hesburger. no problem (part 2 of 4)

Hey! Today I'm in Lisbon. It's 28CÂș and my sister lives up the hill. I came back from the supermarket and completly colapsed in the sofa for 3 hours.

Apart from that pointless information, I'm also here to share my opinions on the second gay bar! YEY!


Generally speaking, Mybar is a terrible place unless you're a 40-something gay man who loves Eurovision.
If that's the case, go for it.

(ahah is she patting her boobs?)

The problem is that the bar isn't popular at all. I followed them on facebook, and everytime they invited me for an event the only two people who checked attendance were part of the staff. Which is sad, because they do make an effort to have different events. There was even a Electro Swing night!

The space itself isn't bad. It's small and cozy and they have plenty of really comfortable sofas and beanbags. It's a nice place to be either dancing or sitting down for a drink in the upper floor.
The most stricking characteristic about Mybar is that it's the only club on the list that isn't underground. It has windows, it's very central and inviting (you still have to ring a doorbell, though) From outside, it looks like any other bar, which for me it's a positive thing, but it actually may not be: If it doesn't look like a gay bar, how do you keep away homophobes?

In spite of starting this review saying it's a terrible place, I'll make amends and admit I actually had a great night there. The first time I've been at MyBar was for a 90's party and,  proving my theory that gay girls in Vilnius love decade thematic nights, there was a lot more people than usual and the music was good. (I mean, if you like Spice Girls and Madonna. I do.)
Unfortunately, after that, everytime I went there it looked like a house party that is reaching its end: only a few drunk people slouching on the sofa and not much going on.

  Rating *
I really think it could be a cool place, if only people went there. But then again, that goes for almost anything, even a warehouse in the middle of the forest would be cool if it had a lot of fun people and good music.
If you want to check it out, I would reccommend going on a themed night, since more people may come. And the good thing is: in case it sucks, you're still in the city center and in a walking distance to a lot of bars and clubs - it's easy to make a plan B and not have you're night ruined.

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